Vans Van Doren Invitational Shop Battle

On Tuesday July 23rd, Socal Skate Shop took part in the first annual Vans US Open Shop battle.  The battle went down in Huntington Beach, CA where a cement bowl was temporarily built on the beach.  This bowl was a replica of the park in Marseille, France.  There were 10 different shops competing for top honor.  Each shop was allowed 3 riders, and one 6 minute jam to show off their skills.  We had Tristan Rennie, CJ Collins, and Andrew Miller representing Socal Skate Shop.  They skated some of the best runs of the day, and blew away the judges.  Socal was an instant crowd favorite.  Once all the teams were done with their heats, the final decision was Socal Skate Shop in 3rd Place.  Congrats to all three of the riders for skating through the heat, and pressure that was put on them.  Below is the gallery, and the Video is coming soon.  All photos taken by Shawn Rossmiller.