Vans OTW Huntington Beach Construction Photos

After many delays the new Vans Huntington beach park has made some progress.  The bowls have been dug out, and re-bar work will start next week.  In roughly 2 weeks, cement will start arriving, and the park will begin to take shape.  The clover pool is looking good, but I did not see the other D shaped pool that was in the design shown below, I am not sure that they are still putting that pool in.  Instead it looks like the other smaller bowl shown is a combination of some different features from the original design. The clover bowl looks to be 10-11 feet deep, and the two shallow ends are different depths, maybe 8 and 6 feet, with a roll-in(Pictured below).  The street course was only cinder blocks right now, and will be ledges and rails once all the other shapes have been poured.  We will post more photos once they start pouring concrete.  Enjoy.


Clover Bowl

Deep end

Wood Forms in place

Mini Bowl

Mini Bowl Shallow End

Starting to form the Street Course