NEW: Encinitas Skate Plaza: Gateway Plaza

Alright, so I wasn't sure if I had access to this but i was in the area and i just charged it. This is the new Encinitas skate plaza, you know the one you all have recently seen under construction on the side of the 5 freeway heading southbound. Let me just say that this is a street skaters wet dream, right off the bat, it has a perfect (kind of long) 6 stair with a rather small rail and perfect hubbas. As you venture further into the park you are greeted by bank to ledges, manual pads, a pier 7 style manual pad, perfect flatbar, endless ledges and a flawless hip. Oh, and there is a massive bowl in the lower section that is totally separate from the rest of the park. the bowl has pool coping, shallow, middle and deep section and ledges running along side of it for spectator viewing. This park was built and is being built with ASD (action sport development) and RJM designs to create the first "Wheel Friendly" park that is ADA accessible by people with disabilities and also has pedestrian pathways integrated. Seeing this park first hand was insane, everything a street skater could ask for! should be done by this year, though there is no place to find an actual due date for grand opening.

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Address: the 5 freeway and Santa Fe road